CFO Tech 100 Badges

We use badges to let you know which profiles we think deserve special recognition. Each badge means something different, and can help you in a unique way when you search for your next solution. 

Here is a clickable list of badges we use, and why we assign them to certain profiles*

“The CFO Tech 100” Community Supported

If you see this badge, you know you have made the list because many of Generation CFO’s community of finance leaders and professionals trust this company to keep them cutting-edge.

cfo tech 100 badge

Twenty to Watch

Keep an eye on these ones, as we believe they have a lot of tech potential. At these companies, exciting things are happening – and you could be a part of it…

Twenty to Know

We believe that these twenty CFO tech companies are the best of the best, so we wanted to create the ultimate shortlist for you. These have our seal of approval, so if you trust us, trust them!

cfo tech 100 badge

Generation CFO Partner 

Consultancies and Learning Providers that boast this badge have worked, or are working, with Generation CFO. This means they share our values and goals; their work with us can be found on our website.

*** Disclaimer *** The CFO Tech 100 Listing by Generation CFO is for information purposes only. It does not replace professional advisory and consultancy and is not a recommendation or endorsement of the product, service or company. 

The list is for information purposes only, and as such, we accept no responsibility or liability for actions or losses when engaging a listed company.  We suggest thorough due diligence and professional advice is taken before engaging any software vendor, professional service or individual.

All claimed listing (blue tick by profile name) have been validated, all unclaimed listings have not been validated and the information presented may be incomplete or incorrect and we advise checking with the vendor, partner or consultancies.